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Trees, undoubtedly, are a cherished aspect of our surroundings, providing us with oxygen, shelter, and aesthetic appeal. However, there are times when a tree on your property becomes a concern, either due to its location or potential hazards. In such cases, it becomes imperative to seek the services of a tree removal expert. The cost associated with tree removal can be significant. It is wise to explore and gather quotes from various service providers before making a commitment.

Understanding the Components of a Tree Removal Quote

What precisely constitutes a tree removal quote, especially one that is free? What services can you anticipate being included in the quoted price, and just as important, what elements might not be covered in that price?

Let's look at the typical expenses associated with tree removal and clarify the intricacies of tree removal price quotes

WHAT You Can Expect From Us

The Professional Approach

Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in their expertise. You can expect us to conduct a thorough evaluation of your trees, ensuring your peace of mind in managing tree removal that is both safe and effective.

What We Look At

To comprehend the costs associated with removing a tree, it is essential to understand the procedure involved in tree removal. In most cases, the removal of a tree entails its demise, especially if the tree is not already dead.

Although it is conceivable to transplant trees with their roots intact, this is generally an expensive and specialized process reserved for particularly valuable trees or unique circumstances.

The first considerations when removing a tree are its location and size. The method employed for removing a tree that has sufficient space to fall without posing risks to nearby structures or individuals differs from that used for a tree in a confined space.

Tree Removal in Ample Space:

In this scenario, the removal process is relatively straightforward. The tree's branches are removed first, leaving only the main trunk. Subsequently, the tree is felled, and once on the ground, it is cut into manageable sections and transported away.

Tree Removal in Constrained Space:

In cases where there is limited space for the tree to fall freely, the process becomes more intricate. Branches are still removed initially, but instead of felling the entire tree and cutting it into pieces while on the ground, the tree is methodically sectioned piece by piece from top to bottom. Each section is carefully lowered and removed. This technique is commonly referred to as "roping down" the tree. Once the bulk of the tree is removed, typically leaving only the stump, it can be ground down using a stump grinder, marking the completion of the tree
removal process.

Components Included in a Tree Removal Quote

When you request a tree removal quote from a service provider, there are several standard tasks that you can generally expect to be incorporated into virtually every quote:

>Tree Cutting:

Regardless of whether the tree is felled or roped down, the costs associated with the critical tree-cutting phase will invariably be included in the quote.


This typically covers the removal of small debris, such as branches and wood chips, ensuring that your property is left in an orderly state.

These tasks encompass the bulk of the work and are typically inclusive in most tree removal service quotes.

Additional Considerations:

Certain tasks are commonly included in quotes, but not always, and it is advisable to confirm their inclusion with the service provider:

>Wood Removal:

Felling a tree generates a substantial amount of wood that may necessitate specialized vehicles for removal. Most tree removal companies include this in their pricing, but it is prudent to verify.

>Stump Grinding:

The removal of the tree stump is often mentioned in quotes, but it may not always be part of the package. Ensure that the quoted price encompasses stump removal if you desire this service.

>Travel Costs:

If the tree removal service provider is located a considerable distance from your property, they may factor in fuel and time expenses in the quote.

Specific Requests

Certain additional services may not be offered by all tree removal companies, and you may need to make explicit requests for these services:

>Root Removal:

If you intend to repurpose the area where the tree once stood, such as constructing a structure or planting another tree, you will likely require the complete removal of the root system. This is a specialized service that should be explicitly discussed and quoted.

>Tree Splitting and Wood Utilization:

In some rural areas, clients may opt to retain the tree's wood for purposes like firewood. While most tree removal
companies offer this service or have subcontractors who do, it is not an assumed inclusion and should be specifically requested.

>Permitting and Inspection Assistance:

Depending on your location, regulations may exist regarding tree removal or inspections may be mandatory, particularly if the trees are in proximity to power or telephone lines. A tree removal service can assist with these processes, but there might be additional fees involved, which should be clarified.

If you have any uncertainties or specific requirements, it is essential to communicate with the tree removal service provider. Always bear in mind that tree removal, when undertaken by an untrained individual, can be
perilous. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to engage a certified arborist, such as People's Tree Specialists, for tree removal work and ensure you obtain a comprehensive, free cost estimate.

Risk Assessment vs. Cost Estimate

It's important to note that a risk assessment is not the same as a cost estimate. A risk assessment focuses on identifying tree-related risks and potential hazards on your property. It helps ensure safety by allowinghomeowners to create a plan of action to mitigate these risks.

On the other hand, a cost estimate is a separate process that comes after the risk assessment. Once the risks have been identified, a cost estimate is prepared to create a tailored tree service plan and determine the associated
cost of tree care or removal. This valuable information helps property owners understand the cost implications and make informed decisions about the recommended tree care services.

Professional tree care and risk assessment are essential for preserving the beauty and safety of your trees and property. By entrusting your trees to our skilled arborists, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your green companions are in professional hands.

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Emily R.

They carefully removed a very tall, very dead, very dangerous tree. They were there within 24 hours of my request. The quote was the most reasonable offer out of all the competitors and offered cost-saving options up front. They even blew all the leaves off my driveway as a nice perk.

Shell O.

FIVE STAR REVIEW // HIGHLY RECOMMEND // After a tornado-like storm touched down in our backyard, People's Tree Specialists was on the scene almost immediately working with me and several of our neighbors. They quickly removed trees which had fallen onto some houses and then began systematically clearing our yards of massive amounts of debris. In addition to removing 8 fallen pine trees, I had them take down over 15 more pine trees from our property. Art Alcantar, owner, and his entire staff are personal and professional tree specialists. Don't wait for a storm, call People's Tree Specialists today!

Eric D.

Another great experience with People's Tree Specialists. They were quick to review and provide an estimate for my project. Worked out fair pricing and got the job done on the promised schedule. Would highly recommend.

Ed K.

Art and his crew worked through the rain that started shortly after they began the project. They cut down and removed a tall hickory nut tree. The rain became very intense and they finally had to stop on a Friday evening. They came back the next day to finish the project even though they could have come back the next week. I was very pleased with the communication and professionalism of Art and his crew. I would definitely recommend and/or use them again.

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